Wind Power


The Eocycle Direct Drive Approach


Historically, wind turbines have relied on an assembly composed of a gearbox and a high-speed induction generator to convert the mechanical energy from low-speed wind turbine rotors into electrical energy. With the gearbox continually under high stress, its failure is, not surprisingly, often the cause of wind turbine breakdowns.

Eocycle’s answer to the gearbox problem is a combination of high-torque permanent magnet and power electronics converter. Eocycle generators use an innovative adaptation of the transverse flux topology. A specially designed power electronics converter is matched to the generator to take advantage of the superior efficiency of variable speed wind turbines.

EO 25kW Direct Drive Wind Turbine

Download the EO 25kW Direct Drive Wind Turbine Spec Sheet

What are the key features of our new state of the art model?

    • Design specifications meet the IEC 61400-2 and AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety standards
    • Equipped with state-of-the-art Eocycle generator-converter-controls
    • Direct-drive design eliminates the gearbox, a well-documented primary cause of wind turbine failure
    • Fabricated to be robust and reliable
    • Maximum blade efficiency over a range of wind speeds, improving wind energy capture
    • Variable-speed resulting in superior annual electricity production (AEP)
    • Low rotor speed, absence of gearbox and no furling to ensure quiet operation
    • Designed and built to last, thus reducing maintenance costs over a superior product lifetime
    • Remote monitoring available to both the dealer and the client to allow easier data collection and assessment of equipment performanceeocycyle-direct-drive-wind-turbine-renewable-wind-energy

Whose needs are the EO 25/12 designed to address?

Typically, an Eocycle 25 kW wind turbine will be larger than required for most individual homeowners. Our wind turbine is envisioned for use by:

  • The agrifood industry: farmers, ranchers, henhouses, greenhouses, vineyards and growing facilities, processors…
  • Institutions and governments: schools, colleges and universities, pumping and water treatment stations, parks, rest areas…
  • Small industrial such as manufacturing, warehousing…
  • Businesses and stores, hotels, sports and recreational facilities…
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