What are the incentives my state offers to encourage me to invest in wind turbine technology, that will considerably shorten the time to return on my investment?

  • For key information on local, state, utility and federal incentives available to you, please consult the DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency) website:
  • The USDA has a keen interest in the use of renewables on farms in the United States, and has announced that they will conduct their first ever on-farm energy production survey this Spring. As a farmer you may qualify for a USDA grant or loan, under their Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency program:
  • The USDE’s “Wind Powering America” website contains further information on wind power, and various financial incentives and tax credits applicable to businesses who intend to invest in wind energy.
  • Or contact Hotz Development to find out more.